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Hey @bni

I get the FileSystem not installed:

# Build AmigaOS

rdbtool amiga-os-3.1.4.hdf create size=1024Mi
rdbtool amiga-os-3.1.4.hdf init
rdbtool amiga-os-3.1.4.hdf fsadd $SRC/L/FastFileSystem version=46.20
rdbtool amiga-os-3.1.4.hdf add size=100MiB dostype=DOS3 bootable=true
xdftool amiga-os-3.1.4.hdf open part=DH0 + format $DEST DOS3
xdftool amiga-os-3.1.4.hdf open part=DH0 + unpack . fsuae
I'd write this block also in my script and get error:

creating: 'DH0' (1, 3200) DOS3
ERROR: creating partition: 'DH0': (1, 3200)
'open part=DH0' IOError: can't find partition in image file
I checked and the file exists in path... Any idea what's going wrong? Withou the FS-line, the hardfile will created properly

EDIT: Found issue byself

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