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Sure I use a script like below.

For inspiration only, no warranties

I have very much enjoyed making my own perfect Amiga CF card, setup with Demos, WHDLoad Games, my favorite mods and iff pictures. I guess perfect is different for everyone

Make sure you use the correct /dev/diskX, my CF card is at /dev/disk2 for example. Using wrong device here can wipe you disk.


# ** Howto make amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf ************************
# rdbtool amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf create size=15Mi
# rdbtool amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf init
# rdbtool amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf fill dostype=DOS3 bootable
# xdftool amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf open part=DH0 + format Workbench3.1 DOS3
# rdbtool amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf info
# Then install AmigaOS from adf images into this hdf in FS-UAE
# ********************


# Delete
rm -rf $SRC
rm $SRC.blkdev
rm $SRC.xdfmeta

rm -rf $DEST
rm $DEST.blkdev
rm $DEST.xdfmeta

rm -rf ./DeluxePaint3
rm -rf ./PT23F
rm -rf ./WHDLoad
rm -rf ./Icons

rm -rf $PROGRAMS
rm $PROGRAMS.blkdev
rm $PROGRAMS.xdfmeta

rm -rf $DATA
rm $DATA.blkdev
rm $DATA.xdfmeta

rm -rf $GAMES
rm $GAMES.blkdev
rm $GAMES.xdfmeta

rm -rf $DEMOS
rm $DEMOS.blkdev
rm $DEMOS.xdfmeta

# Unpack
xdftool amiga-os-3141-workbench.hdf unpack . fsuae
unar DeluxePaint3.adf
unar PT23F.LHA

# Cleanup
find . -type f -name '*.DS_Store' -ls -delete
find ../data -type f -name '*.DS_Store' -ls -delete
find ../games -type f -name '*.DS_Store' -ls -delete
find ../demos -type f -name '*.DS_Store' -ls -delete

# Build AmigaOS
sudo chmod 777 /dev/diskX
rdbtool /dev/diskX init rdb_cyls=2
rdbtool /dev/diskX fsadd $SRC/L/FastFileSystem version=46.20
rdbtool /dev/diskX add size=16MiB dostype=DOS3 bootable=true
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH0 + format $DEST DOS3
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH0 + unpack . fsuae

# Build Programs
rdbtool /dev/diskX add size=24MiB dostype=DOS7 bootable=false
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH1 + format $PROGRAMS DOS7
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH1 + unpack . fsuae

# Build Data
rdbtool /dev/diskX add size=1612MiB dostype=DOS7 bootable=false
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH2 + format $DATA DOS7
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH2 + unpack . fsuae

# Build Games
rdbtool /dev/diskX add size=182MiB dostype=DOS7 bootable=false
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH3 + format $GAMES DOS7
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH3 + unpack . fsuae

# Build Demos
rdbtool /dev/diskX fill dostype=DOS7 bootable=false
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH4 + format $DEMOS DOS7
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH4 + unpack . fsuae

# Workbench
rsync -rt $SRC/* $DEST/

# Icons
cp -vp Icons/Disks/$ $DEST/
cp -vp Icons/Disks/$ $PROGRAMS/
cp -vp Icons/Disks/$ $DATA/
cp -vp Icons/Disks/$ $GAMES/
cp -vp Icons/Disks/$ $DEMOS/
cp -vp Icons/*.info $DEST/
cp -vp Icons/Devs/*.info $DEST/Devs/
cp -vp Icons/Prefs/*.info $DEST/Prefs/
cp -vp Icons/Storage/*.info $DEST/Storage/
cp -vp Icons/System/*.info $DEST/System/
cp -vp Icons/Tools/*.info $DEST/Tools/
cp -vp Icons/Utilities/*.info $DEST/Utilities/
cp -vp Icons/Programs/*.info $PROGRAMS/

# Deluxe Paint III
cp -vp DeluxePaint3/dpaint $PROGRAMS/Deluxe\ Paint\ III

# ProTracker
cp -vp PT23F/PT23F/PT2.3F $PROGRAMS/

# WHDLoad
cp -vp WHDLoad/WHDLoad/C/WHDLoad $DEST/C/
mkdir $DEST/Devs/Kickstarts
cp -vp WHDLoad/kick* $DEST/Devs/Kickstarts/

# Data
rsync -rt ../data/* $DATA/

# Games
rsync -rt ../games/* $GAMES/

# Demos
rsync -rt ../demos/* $DEMOS/

# Show partitions
rdbtool /dev/diskX info

# Pack DH0
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH0 + pack $DEST
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH0 + list

# Pack DH1
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH1 + pack $PROGRAMS
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH1 + list

# Pack DH2
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH2 + pack $DATA
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH2 + list

# Pack DH3
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH3 + pack $GAMES
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH3 + list

# Pack DH4
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH4 + pack $DEMOS
xdftool /dev/diskX open part=DH4 + list
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