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To wipe it and set it up as a hard drive (make sure you have backups, I take no responsibility for any issues etc etc):

Insert the card, load Disk Utility and remove any partitions that are on it
Load Terminal and type "diskutil list"
You will see your CF card called something like /dev/disk3 - MAKE SURE YOU IDENTIFY IT CORRECTLY
Type "sudo chmod 777 /dev/diskx" (x being whatever number your CF card is) - your disk will be read only in FS-UAE if you dont do this
Load your FS-UAE configuration file in Textedit and edit the file:

hard_drive_0 = /dev/diskx
hard_drive_0_type = rdb

Save the file, open it in FS-UAE, and you can now attach your Workbench floppies, boot from the Install disk and set up Workbench as usual (remember to start HDtoolbox with the uaehf.device tooltype and to change the Maxtransfer setting).
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