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Originally Posted by RuySan View Post
Some of the shaders on Retroarch are really nice, and simple scanlines just doesn't cut it anymore on FS-UAE

But the shader I use for Retroarch, CRT-Royale, seems overkill for Amiga. It really looks more like a TV instead of a monitor. What is the shader that emulates the 1084s screen the best for FS-UAE?
If the shader has more options, you can customise it better. The most popular shader here is crt-easymode-halation. Would give it a try.

But otherwise, i don't know/remember how the image in 1084s looked like. I was using my miggy with an TV.

I've been using your shaders (thanks a lot), but to my suprise, even though the effect is fantastic, they take quite a big toll on my performance. In retroarch i can use any shader without any problem at all (stuff like crt-royale on SNES or MAME). Is this normal? Are shaders like Lotte supposed to be this demanding on FSUAE?
It's normal for crt-lottes. That's why there are more versions of it (Original - very slow, normal and fast). The fast version should run on motherboard integrated gfx. using 4x4 scaling.
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