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What does FS stand for in FS-UAE

Is it the Developers name... FS-UAE stands for Frode Solheim - Universal Amiga Emulator, Ultimate Amiga Emulator or Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator ... Yes UAE has 3 names... lol, I have always called it Ultimate Amiga Emulator, cause it is the only one that stands out from the other Amiga emulators and works as it should... I love WinUAE,and Toni of course ...
First time I have seen someone name a program they made after themself...
Or it could be File System .. lol

I am using FS-UAE on Linux and WinUAE in Amiga Forever 7,I have the Premium Edition so using the roms and files from it on Linux.

Hi to all, have not been here in a while,Hope you all have a great Amigaday(We should have one,A day just for the Amiga.. )

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