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Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
Yay, Picasso IV OS4 works. a2065/slirp works as well.

Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
Do you have any plans to update the config of the A4000/OS4 amiga_model to use all the new bells and whistles like directory hard drives and uaegfx? Or maybe create a new one to preserve compatibility...?
Haven't put that much thought into it, but might not need a new model. If the user chooses to use a directory hard drive, I can just add the necessary uaeboard configuration automatically. The same kind of applies to UAEGFX - if the user chooses that as graphics card instead of Picasso IV, I'll just make sure it works.

(Does UAEGFX work out of the box in AmigaOS4.1 without driver installation btw? I haven't had time to test AmigaOS4.1 with UAE expansions yet. Maybe I'll do that now...)
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