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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
The solution might be to introduce a mouse_buttons=3 option. Without it FS-UAE uses the middle button exclusively (cannot be used for pasting or other purposes) and with it, you need to use the keyboard to release the input grab. EDIT: Added
Sounds like a possible workaround for the issue.

However, to chose between the patches; What does parsecsi do? Can we safely skip that? (It seems to - on purpose - drop some type of character sequences). Patch 1 looks safer in that regard.
It seems to skip escape sequences, those starting with ESC[ and 0x9B, but why? Maybe ask Toni about this?

Some of the code in amigatopc seems to be a pass-through (if there already is an CR in the clipboard), bypassing the parsesci stuff also.
The variable set is called pc, which seems to indicate clipboard text which is already in PC format (maybe if text copied from Amiga is in CR+LF notation, CrossDOS or from PC emulator on Amiga).

We might not want to #ifdef away that "pc = 1". Instead keep the passthrough? Optionally also strip the CRs from that string? I don't really know what the use case for this feature is, maybe some Amiga software adapted for the UAE already produces "PC-compatible" (Windows) clipboard text?
Best idea is probably to ask Toni about this or check the commit when he introduced this.

Right, I remember now, that's why I left out image support. I'm not really interested in writing lots of platform-specific code for that.
This library from my links above seems to fulfill all requirements:

It supports text and images and is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux (X11). Is it worth a try in your eyes?
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