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(A quick update: the console debugger can now be used on Windows also. That has not been possible in FS-UAE previously).

Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
Found another bug with clipboard sharing:
Trying to release input grab with middle mouse button also triggers pasting from clipboard.
The solution might be to introduce a mouse_buttons=3 option. Without it FS-UAE uses the middle button exclusively (cannot be used for pasting or other purposes) and with it, you need to use the keyboard to release the input grab. EDIT: Added

Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
Did two patches for fixing the CR+LF issue on Linux. The reason I added the secondary patch is because I'm not sure how to deal with ANSI characters in function amiga2pc. Please note I don't know about Line ending on Mac and other supported platforms, might need special care, too.
In the old days (pre OS-X), Mac OS uses a third sequence - only CR. Go figure. Fortunately, modern macOS works like Linux/Unix and uses LF.

However, to chose between the patches; What does parsecsi do? Can we safely skip that? (It seems to - on purpose - drop some type of character sequences). Patch 1 looks safer in that regard.

Some of the code in amigatopc seems to be a pass-through (if there already is an CR in the clipboard), bypassing the parsesci stuff also. We might not want to #ifdef away that "pc = 1". Instead keep the passthrough? Optionally also strip the CRs from that string? I don't really know what the use case for this feature is, maybe some Amiga software adapted for the UAE already produces "PC-compatible" (Windows) clipboard text?

EDIT: Pushed a safe (?) version to github.

Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
Regarding cross-platform image support for clipboard sharing, just figured out that SDL2 itself only seems to support text.
Right, I remember now, that's why I left out image support. I'm not really interested in writing lots of platform-specific code for that.

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