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FS-UAE issue, or Amilator ?

I have tested the latest released version (4.15.2) on a couple of older laptops:
Dell Latitude D410 (
Dell Latitude D420 (
Dell Latitude D430 (
Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1818, Intel T2080 1.73GHz (not mine,

There is at least 1GB RAM in all these laptops.

Common to D410, D420 and Amilo is that all of them refuse to give the Amiga ZorroIII-RAM. Also, none of them are able to emulate the graphics card (uaegfx-z2, uaegfx-z3, real PicassoIV with ROM, during the installation of Picasso software the PIV card is detected, but the monitor fails to start).

Messages on my D410 and D420 on startup:
Graphics card memory size 524288 (0x80000) larger than maximum reserved 0 (0x0)
Zorro III fastmem size 4194304 (0x400000) larger than maximum reserved 0 (0x0)

Also, when emulated graphics card is enabled (D410, D420, Amilo) but not working these setups run at 30% speed compared to when the graphics_card configuration is commented out ("only" 300xA500/8.67xA4000, compared to 856xA500/24.84xA4000).

The D430 works as expected with ZIII and graphics. D410, D420 and Amilo accepts 8MB fastram (fast_memory = 8192).

Relevant section from configuration:
amiga_model = A1200
kickstart_file = /amiga/roms/kick.rom
chip_memory = 2048
cpu = 68060-NOMMU
jit_compiler = 1
zorro_iii_memory = 524288
fast_memory = 8192

bsdsocket_library = 1

graphics_card = picasso-iv-z3
graphics_memory = 4096
graphics_card_rom = /amiga/roms/PIV_FLAS.BIN

#graphics_card = uaegfx-z3
#graphics_memory = 32768
The only way to get more fastram on these laptops are using the emulation of BlizzardPPC / CyberstormPPC, but then the speed drops down painfully slow (0,45xA4000) because they do not allow the jit_compiler option..

Any idea where I should start looking for what is the cause of the issue ?
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