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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Strange. I use Windows 7 32bit, with an old ATI HD5570 card. Are you sure you've set resolution = Lores and Linemode = Single?

Nope, from default configuration so I know what does what. Default means hires and double, and if it's for full-screen, Native, 32-bit color, and 100Hz.

If I change to lores it works but I get a horizontal jitter of 1 lores pixel left and right of the disk hand and text, about twice per second.

Ideally, I would like to turn my head from my high-end PC monitor to my 1084S-P and not notice a difference.

To make CRT on LCD I need global desaturation to not have to lower the contrast, exponential subpixel blur that I can adjust (or better, neighboring-pixels contrast-based color mixing), raise the black point on odd lines (as in pixel lines, not scanlines "between" pixel lines), and then a mask (edit: for scanlines) can be applied that is as good as the monitor resolution is larger than the Amiga resolution.

After that, there's a point in adjusting the gamma (which should be 2.2 for CRTs on LCDs but, you know, mileage varies).

This is the recipe. Can you give me some pointers in the right direction to code that guest.r?

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