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Originally Posted by guest.r View Post
Sorry about the instructions, the authors (Lottes, Easymode, Hyllian...) left us to discover the options mostly by ourselves and this isn't too hard in Retroarch since we can use the shader adjustment interface. (my shaders have most setting "hardcoded" lol). But the default settings are nice and if someone gets into the altering process, can be very interesting. I want only to let folks know that they can get geeky on this CRT thing.

About the scanline options in WinUAE. Yea basicly you can use masks or shaders for this and WinUAE favors some shaders more (gaussian scanlines for example - higher the scale, the better they look). So i wouldn't use a CRT shader for 720x568, because masks/scanlines makes a better job here.

In a 1080p situation shaders become a reasonable option since we usually want the image to have pixel-aligned scanlines. Masks also become viable, someone could perhaps create nicer 4x or 5x pixel perfect scanlines with manual integer scaling option.

I'm adding a gaussian scanline shader with some options to tweak and basic guidance to use, in fullscreen of course.
I put the .fx file in the shader folder, used a default configuration and switched it to 1920x1080 fullscreen, and set the settings as per your screenshot, , and got this. It also flickers.

Something different in our setups maybe?

WinUAE64.exe, Win7 x64, DX11 if it makes a difference.
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