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@Retro-Nerd: i guess i won't do much more shaders for other systems here.
An exeption or two perhaps...

1.) with dosbox-daum my favourite combo is hqx2-scaler in connection with shader -> would it be possible to provide that shader also for fs-uae?
is use this great little dosbox-frontend dbgl, maybe you also tested it. pretty handy and nice. if i edit a game under display->official options where i can choose the the xbr-scaler - it is not offered here, only many other scalers. next to it under "experimental options" i can choose crt-geom-blend.fx -> do you mean that shader? how do i add and where to get this xbr-scaler to set it up und use together with geom-shader?
Sorry for the confusion, xbr2x-crt is a FS-UAE shader, won't work with Daum. CRT-Geom (or simply "crt" with FS-UAE) has a couple of nice features more (overscan, corner smoothing...), compared with the CRT.D3D, but same mask, smoothing and scanlines.

With Daum you can use 5xBR shaders or the xBRZ scaler, whatever works better for you.
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