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hey guest.r i can not say enough how happy you made me (and probably all of us) providing those awesome shader(s) (conversions). for months and months i crawled the net to find a site or thread like this.

so please don't think i am greedy but i hope it's ok for you if i may request two more shaders, these would bring me to shaders' heaven ;-) :

1.) with dosbox-daum my favourite combo is hqx2-scaler in connection with shader -> would it be possible to provide that shader also for fs-uae?

2.) i know this is an amiga-forum but i saw you uploaded Lottes-Shader for Dosbox here. so it would be amazing if you could also provide CRT-Easymode-Shader for Dosbox for us. would that also be possible?

3.) @all: i am still a little confused about optimal resolution-settings in fs-uae. what do you use? like mentioned before i have a 1080p-screen and want to play fullscreen with correct ar.

what resolution looks best / what should i choose in fs-uae-"Scaling & Filters"-section (in connection with a shader)?

Zoom Amiga Display (crop): ?
Keep AR when Scaling: ?
Render scan lines: ?
Render scan lines in RTG graphics mode: ?

And what settings do you recommend in "Advanced Video Settings"-Tab? Leave everything on default or maybe AA on?

thank you!

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