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So i rather throw in an extra shader, just for the case, which can handle the hires specifics, but look a bit different, less blury, but with lottes mask, scanlines and curvature.

I am officially blown away. The new gl shader you came up with is the first shader which really manages to remind me of the Philips CM8833 I had. The shader retains all lottes' qualities, but it's definitely sharper.
Let's say the original lottes is more akin to an average late-80s / early-90s PAL TV.
Anyway, the gl shader handles the hires mode without problems, whereas the original lottes has some issues with the Workbench 320x512.
So... I'll stick with the gl.hires (although I set the brightboost to 1.5, because I think the default 1.0 is a bit too dark).
You made my day, mister.

EDIT: Dosbox Daum could really benefit from a shader like this, but I am not sure its .fx specifics are the same WinUae uses.

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