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first of all thanks guest.r for providing some awesome shaders!

like all of us i am chasing for the perfect shader / settings for fs-uae to reproduce that magic amiga feeling on a 1080p-screen as close as possible. i am not a pro in these things so i have some questions left:

1.) my native resolution is 1080p. i think i like the most your hyllian-shader. i have combined the hints given in this thread and have put the following values under "advanced" in the fs-uae-settings:

fullscreen_mode = fullscreen
line_doubling = 0
low_resolution = 1
scale_x = 6.0
scale_y = 5.0
shader = crt-hyllian.shader

my others settings are under video zoom display: 704x540 + keep ar: on + start fullscreen

are these the correct settings? when launching a game the whole (wide)screen is filled out, so it seems to be that my keep ar-setting is not working.

2.) anything else how to optimize the above mentioned entries? is there something wrong/missing? how are your advanced-entries looking? could you provide a sample?

3.) is there any chance to programm / convert the "king of shaders" for fs-uae: crt-easymode like provided in retroarch?

best regards & thank you
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