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New commit pushed to git (fixes for raw_ftanh_rr, raw_fcosh_rr, raw_fcut_r, raw_fcuts_r in addition to raw_fsinh).

FTANH and FCOSH have probably not yet been used by any tests until (would expect crash if so), so any test confirming that these (and FSINH) work is welcome. But most likely they work just fine now (at least not crashes) because FSINH has at least been somewhat tested, and also raw_fcut_r/raw_fcuts_r (see below).

Also raw_fcut_r and raw_fcuts_r were fixed, it looks like they are only used if (uae_)fpu_strict is enabled. I tested with uae_fpu_strict = 1 before the fix and can confirm that it crashed, and that it does not crash after the fix.
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