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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
You will not be able to get a stack trace in the debugger, because the crashes almost always happens in JIT-generated code, which is just one large 8 MB (typically) segment with generated code (no regular C functions here).
This is exactly the reason why I never bothered. It is too painful.

So, if any of you is comfortable writing m68k Amiga programs (assembly, using FPU functions), I can create a list of a few FPU functions I would like a test program for...
I can try

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Ok thanks Bernd so to confirm then the only reason I would choose to use the 64bit JIT & 64 bit WinUAE over proven & reliable 32 bit version is if there was a significant performance improvement?
Performance (which can be faster because x64 has more registers) and it also supports 2G Amiga address space = 1.5G of Z3 RAM is possible. (if anyone really needs that much RAM..)
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