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WinUAE 64 bit JIT

Apols for the dumb question but I am just about to move over from 32 bit Windows 8.1 to 64 bit Windows 10 (on a new PC) and trying to understand the significance of this thread. I understand I need JIT running properly to get a decent 'modern' amiga experience and have been running AmiKit 8 and ClassicWB configs under WinUAE 3.0.0 (and 3.1.0) for a good couple of years now as well as a 'classic' A500 config also under 3.0.0. I mostly run the AmiKit & ClassicWB configs to run current demos off Pouet and some other modern bits.

I don't want to run FS-UAE as I don't want that silly front end stuff & basically want to carry on using a relatively recent WinUAE (3.x onwards) but clearly need JIT running to get the basic speed. Is the gist of this thread that 64 bit UAE JIT development is restricted to FS-UAE or is it common to both FS-UAE & WinUAE? If the latter then presumably I can expect things to be ok can I? If the former though why is the 64-bit JIT development restricted to FS-UAE - WinUAE is surely the most commonly used & best version?

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