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General note: 64-bit versions of FS-UAE for OS X and Windows will be released as part of 2.7.1dev (soon-ish).

Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
Only HD-Rec still makes fs-uae crash. I'll check out some scene demos tomorrow which require fpu and see what happens.
I fixed a couple of FPU crashes yesterday evening:
- One problem with FACOS causing crash (or invalid behavior) with 64-bit FPU - fixes particles in fake elektronik lightshow.
- Added naive support for 0x40 REX prefix to the instruction decoder in the access fault handler, fixes crash towards the end in the same demo.

I will push commits to github relatively soon

Originally Posted by bernd roesch View Post
Here i have upload a fft FPu demo. it calc fft in fpu, integer, and report output values and time. so can use to verify fpu and measure speed. all values need same.
Haven't tried with 2.7.0dev, but with local unreleased code 64-bit JIT version outputs the same.
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