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Premiere by Core Design

Hello I have just played this game and I would like to share with few things I have noticed. First - game got cd32 version that do not change anything, while Bubba'n'Stix was released in near period of time Core fix game so there was both music and sound effect, here in Premiere You can not have both. I also do not finish it so I do not know if there is different ending, but most levels look same as in floppy version. I also browse some reviews on RACK and notice that game was promoted by very early screenshots or bull-shoots.
Like western level got windows assets that look like broken windows from horror level. Space level boss battle in press use assets from Heimdall with floating platforms while in finished game they use own floating space deres. Black/White Egypt/Town also got bit different boss battle on screen there is big bad guy that drive train while hero ride his cart and do not toss dynamite. In final version bad guy is gone, also hero cart look more simple.
Do You know any more trivia about this game? While it's not perfect port for cd32 and do not use all power it could, still I find animation and humor it this game very well done.
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