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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I still see a couple of old-school amiga nuts from my youth from time to time, alas they dont have miggies anymore (lamers *hehe*)

I got a close m8 from yorkshire thats into amigas, helping him build a couple (desktop and elbox tower conv.)

I have a lot of friends that are into retro-gamming so its like home from home for me... especially when I got gauntlet on the PS2 4 player mayhem!!!!

but yeah... I got friends that we LAN crew with PC's and online games and love the retro-gammage, and I get alteast 2 retro-gamming nights a month ( this includes beers / curry and reto-gamming action like worms DC / alien breed or something like that)

I used to hang out on BBS's like SkullMonkey and Wizzards but I havent spoke to skullmonky in like ages!!! and the gnome at home... wow donkeys ago..

I used be opp in a irc chan into amigas back in the day #hyper on dal. but I would also be on efnet #gas and a couple others i cant remember lol miss it though a lot a fun...

I even met my wife on IRC married onto 5years now..... (eys gots me on of thems american foriegn import models )

sigh... do miss the scene though, knocking out med tune after med tune and coding, smoking and caffine intaking! generall all at the same time...

never really got into boxing, even though it would of saved me £1,500 over the spate of 4 months LOL but cracked a few games, yet was never part of any cracking crew or distro house. I might even still have some of the cracked disk images I made.... i did a few.... UFO, Realms, Dune2, ClueAGA spring to mind.....

ahhhh loong ago......
well skully here lol
and yea i still hanging about lol just on another network with amiga users some things never change lol
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