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Originally Posted by SkippyAR View Post
However, when I subscribe to the newgroup and many others they're dead, even googles/deja news is very inactive

I think its partly the increase of web based forums and message lists, and many new to the net people don't want to bother with installing purpose-built news software, and I can understand people being a bit wary about signing on to google's news thing and giving their e-mail address to do so. has been very quiet for a long time though, largely because there isn't much new stuff to review I suppose. We are still active at and welcome anybody who wants to discuss Amiga games, or join in a friendly play-off (we're currently delving into SWIV and Battle Squadron for example).

I still like the Usenet concept and think it still has a role to play, but then I still use an Amiga as my main computer so what do I know?
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