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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Opus is merged vorbis + speex (both with improvements) - Opus has many faces (like low latency etc). And at least theoretically it is not affected by patents pool. Anyway mp3 is no longer covered by patents, same for mpeg-2.
I've read about Opus. Low latency isn't useful for a file player ; in fact, it looks like we'll have the time to decode several mp3 frames before a single opus frame is decoded...
And they did the same mistake Flac and several others did before : no easy way to find out the duration.
(Actually an horror on Flac because you not only have to parse frame headers like in mp3, but also to decode the whole thing...)

Btw I'm currently on the lookout for mpeg audio layer 1 files. Layer 3 is of course easy to get and there are a few layer 2 on aminet iirc. But i'd like to support all three in future versions so example files are needed.

So... no bug report ? Did anyone test it ?
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