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Now and then, buying an `060

I was thinking today, back to `96 when i (my dad) spent over £400 on a cyberstorm 680060 card for my A1200. Back then it was a huge ammount of money but the things i hoped it would do (and did) i thought were definately worth the money.

Today however, i wouldnt dream of spending that much on a gfx card, i could even buy a modest pc for that ammount! Has the price of hardware come down THAT much in the last 10 years? i guess, looking back at some C&VG mags from 1985 when the c64 was £399 things were very expensive in those days, probly the equivalent of buying a pc for £5000!

Oh and my Amiga technologies 32mb A1200 `060 150mb HD still works like a dream
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