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@Retro1234 it's posts like that why I choose to share things on EAB, there is just good folk here

@DamienD Beauties. Funny part is that if you take Storm and give her Cloud's hair color, you have a spitting image of Kitty when she was younger. I've been frantically searching for a good photo of her from those days, but no luck so far.

What's in a name, eh? The reason why Kitty was named such is also rather simplistic; the leading language in our house is English and so when we bought the house we referred to her first as "the kitty" as in "need to feed the kitty". And that quickly turned into "Need to feed Kitty". Then came the time where we had to register her with the vet and we had to provide a name; Kitty it was, because that is what we were calling her until then.

@Muzkat Thanks mate. I feel a lot better now, crying like a baby does a person a lot of good! Who knew?

And indeed personal health is important. One thing I'm going to do is get me some jogging shoes again. My mental health will be fine on its own, my physical health on the other hand...
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