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Replacement CD-ROM for CDTV?

I recently won an entire CDTV system on eBay (ie. main unit, floppy disk drive, keyboard, caddy, controller). It has a v2.3 motherboard, which (according to the BBoAH) is the most recent version. It's a very nice system!!

However, it was sold "as-seen" so I took a bit of a risk, and it turns out that the CD-ROM drive isn't working. Games work from floppy disk absolutely fine, but when I insert a CD, the CDTV logo just keeps spinning.

So... what can I do about it? The CD-ROM drive is proprietary from what I've read, so I'm assuming the only solution is to replace it like-for-like, which probably means salvaging another CDTV?

Anybody got a spare CDTV CD drive lying around, or a battered CDTV main unit but with a working CD drive?


(Maybe I should have put this in Marketplace?)
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