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Originally Posted by groundplayer View Post
Update worked like a charm, nice speedup with new icon.library
Well, in fact there won't be one update this time, but two. This online that you have used (turn on your miggy and connect it to internet and you'll see it on your screen thanks to the Live Update on the WBStartup), upgrading to AmiKit 1.6.5 and another RealAK0.3, but this last will have to wait till next week.

But just one thing... had you ever though about updating your real Amiga online, just like your Pc?

Originally Posted by groundplayer View Post
... Is there any way to reset themes to original appearance, as i messed up wbdesk realbad.
Use MorpheuZ on screen (he will talk to you) and select the Environment you want to use; you can select the same you are using. Wait some seconds before rebooting, as your Hd takes it's time.

Originally Posted by groundplayer View Post
...Thankyou Retrofan !
You are welcome, but this online update is the work of Jan of AmiKit.

If you can't install the update (you don't have internet on your miggy) you can download it here:

EDIT: If you don't have an internet connection from booting (I'm using RoadShow and I've got it), you must (after you've got internet running) right click on screen, select AmiKit, Live Update and Check.

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