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Ok, I tried to install the loader for Shufflepuck Cafe on AmiKit. I extracted the lha into RAM: and also set the destination for the game to RAM:. The window with the 3 icons appeared and I tried out all of them. After doing that the WHDLoad splash screen came up telling me that this is not a registered copy of WHDLoad 17.1 and then a DOS error 205 followed saying that there is no slave file. Of course not, because I don't have one, but nothing went wrong so far, no freezes, no crashes, no Enforcer hits until this point.

Are you using StackAttack or MinStack to increase the stack size to at least 8000 bytes ? Ok, works even without increased stack here.

Do you use the latest icon.library 46.4.256 ?
When exactly is it freezing or crashing ? When you just click once on one of the icons is it changing to the selected image ?
When you doubleclick an icon does the WHDLoad slashscreen appear or does even the copying of the slave begin to start ?

Update: I've also tried A10TankKillerHD and 688 Attack Sub now, but again no problems here on AmiKit. Yes I know, that's OS 3.9, of course. Where can I download the WHDLoad AGE installer ?

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