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Thanks a bunch for your reply, I'll make sure to check this out!

I don't think there is any newer version than 17.1...


Your library works great, it's just what I was looking for... and it's quite fast too! I tried it with Amiga Forever, which normally goes as fast as an anemic snail on my PC, and suddenly it's become usable. Great job!

It didn't solve my WHDLoad icons' problem nevertheless. I can reproduce the failure at least, it happens when I install 3 slaves in a row, attack sub 688, A10 tank killer and AGE.

AGE installer hangs just when it tries to show its icons. Somehow I suspected it might be a problem with the RAM disk, so I decided to change T: assign in startup-sequence and have it on hard disk.

I proceeded to reproduce the hang but this time around it was gone... What might be the relation between icons and RAM disk?? :scratches head:

Jeopardy time:

Question 1: Is there some replacement RAM disk I could try?

Question 2: Does it sound like a good idea to have a hardfile in RDB mode on a Windows RAM disk and have Workbench use that instead of its natural RAM disk?

Question 3: Is there any way to disable the RAM disk, now useless if I'm using an "external" RAM disk of sorts?

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