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OS 3.5 icons on 3.1 & WHDLoad hangs when displaying icons


I'm trying to build the most lightweight, fast and bloat-free Workbench 3.1 I can capable of running WHDLoad slaves and showing those nifty OS 3.5/GlowIcons/NewIcons/WhateverIcons.

After some keyboard melting Googling for a way to do this, I frankensteined myself a standard WB 3.1 install with icon.library, workbench.library and SetPatch from OS 3.5 and newicon.library from OS 3.9.

Everything seemed to work fine at first glance, but sometimes slave installs hang when they try to show the icon selection window. The window doesn't display, install freezes, and the whole system falls in coma.

No error messages, no gurus, WinUAE runs great. Menus "work" (I can click on them, they show their usual stuff, but nothing works, e.g. "cleanup" does nothing etc.).

I'm pretty sure it's not WinUAE-related, and has to do with those libraries I added.

What means do I have to show WHDLoad icons on WB 3.1, without installing half of Aminet archives (MWB, MUI, Scalos, GlowIcons, NewIcons, ClassAct, etc...)?

Thanks in advance for any help
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