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From the looks of it, we'll not agree on this matter in the near future, but before we agree to disagree I would like to comment on your remarks.

Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
not true. in the original manual, one of the things suggested is to make a backup copy of the disks, at the first chance.
My point exactly. And that suggestion alone confirms the statement that you were buying a license to use Workbench along with the Amiga rather than physical disks at the time. Regardless of Cloanto's claims to ROMs and Workbench, they can not retroactively alter the agreement made by transaction with Commodore (or holder of the rights pre-Cloanto).

Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
and wrongly so: the whole informatical industry is trying more and more to transform the things they sell in house appliance with a one single purpose each one, so to control the possibility they have to dig more and more specialistic objects.
in doing so, they write longer license agreements every day.
Cloanto has not started anything in that matter.
See above. I honestly see no reason to involve Cloanto in this topic, regardless of what they've started or not - I, for one, have no agreement with them. I bought my A500 with WB1.3 in 1990, and my A1200 with WB3.0 in 1993. My A2000, with WB3.1 I bought second hand in 2000(!), hence whatever rights to the usage of WB3.1 held by the previous owner transferred to my. (With the possible exclusion of WB3.1, since I have no idea when the A2000 was upgraded), Cloanto's claims are thereby none of my concern.

Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
i encourage everybody in doing what they want with their time, i discourage in trying to disregard the rules of this board, which existing, give to you to the chance to express.
Now honestly. From the looks of it, your a fair guy. Of a different opinion, but in no way stupid nor ignorant. Do you really think this is an attempt on my behalf to disregard the rules of the board? I fully agree with the rule that says no one's to promote software piracy. I am, however, advocating the opinion that downloading Workbench isn't to be considered piracy as long as the downloader has at one time or another payed for the license to use Workbench. And I am arguing this from a legal rather than moral standpoint. As for rules of the forum, of course I and everyone else are to observe them. Even if in some case we don't agree. It's up to the owner(s) of a forum to set the rules. It's up to the members to follow them. If you for some reason decide you can't, then you always have the option to leave. It's as simple as that. You don't decide to stay and disregard the rules once you've reached the age of 12
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