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Hi Predseda!

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
In fact I am a bit lost in Arexx and these things to I would welcome step by step instructions. For example your last advice: "Eagleplayer must be in the path (or running)" helped me, but took me a very long time to discover, that it means I need to have a line in user-startup saying "path: dh0:.../EaglePlayer"

I must find where Hippo preferences are stored.

(Now I messed it somehow - probably path / Arexx - and AmiModRadio doesnt start neither Eangle nor Hippo for me, saying something like "There is really nothing to play". I must start a player manually before AMR.)
No worries! And I see that AmigaSystem beat me to helping you

You can also start HiP or EaglePlayer by hand yourself. If one of them is running, AmiModRadio should (will?) find their ARexx port...

BTW, have you started SYS:System/RexxMast? (It can also be started manually.) RexxMast is necessary for Amiga programs to use ARexx...


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