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Originally Posted by Autofire View Post
Explorer sounds like Windows, I run FS-UAE on Mac... where can I find LOCALAPPDATA here? Again: Many thanks!!
From the FS-UAE site mentioned above (paths):

Base Directory
By default, FS-UAE creates its directories under Documents/FS-UAE. For
Linux users: If your Documents directory is not configured according to the
XDG user dir spec, ~/FS-UAE will be used as a fallback.

You can override this by putting the path to the desired base directory in a
special config file. The config file will be read by both FS-UAE and FS-UAE
Launcher if it exists:
  • Windows: <LOCALAPPDATA>/fs-uae/base-dir
  • OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/fs-uae/base-dir
  • Linux/other: ~/.config/fs-uae/base-dir
Alternatively, you can starting FS-UAE and/or FS-UAE Launcher with --base-dir=/path/to/desired/dir
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