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I stumbled upon these two bad boys as of late :
Intellivision Lives! and Intellivision Rocks! volumes for the PC. For the record, PS2 and Gamecube have lives! among their arcade compilations. Mount either of the ISOs (or both), click the .exe e.q. Inty_Rox.exe and enjoy the very rich content, documents, trivia, you name it... Everything will run in full screen (with borders), very slick interface. Only downside, you will have to install Quicktime player v5 and also Acrobat Reader v4 . I did, and it didn't alter my system the least although it should be mentioned some people might be reluctant to install such ancient Adobe trash (.OCX files aka ActiveX control did cause instabilities in the past with Win9x systems). Controls are mapped to the keyboard (maybe using Joy2Key could be of some help), check the key assigns in preferences panel. There are a couple of games that they couldn't include due to licensing issues (like the ones featuring Hanna-Barbera characters).
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