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Apologies if I waste your time as I have very little experience of Amiga assembly( but I have a lot of programming experience) , however orange is colour 15, don't you have it the other way around, that you should be blitting from 5 bit plane Bob but with only 4 bitplanes so it would drop down to a different colour? Or blitting from 4 bitplanes to 3
I. E. If the hood is colour 15 orange( simplification as you've 2 colours for the hood) then purple should be colour 7 when blitting as 3 bitplanes.
All the other colours of the character( trousers etc.) should be colour 6 or less.

In your example of copying bitplane 1 to 3 the hood should only have 1s with the rest being 0s. The trousers are grey because to make them blue requires 1s for the 4th bitplane.

Summary, make the trousers only use colours 0-7 so they work for 8 and 16 colour bitplanes.

I've been thinking about this recently that some cool effects are possible just by having palettes from upper bitplanes as offset colours from the lower ones, kinda like half brite but with more control.

I think I'm crap at explaining

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