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Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
Oh man, just one posting and so much fake news. Here again, we have a case of someone whom I never met or talked to; someone who has no idea who I am or what I do, and who still posts wild guesses and wrong claims about me to the world.

By stating that I can´t take criticism or that I use EAB only to advertise my games, or even that I would not contribute, you are just so wrong it´s unbelievable. In fact it´s the EAB which brought together a team that developed the art, music and partial code for Reshoot, RESHOOT R and now RESHOOT PROXIMA 3. It´s the EAB where I find inspiration, try to inspire, keep people updated and give them insights into the development process. By not knowing this, you show a severe lack of knowledge about EAB and all EAB-members involved in the production of mentioned games.

Wrong is also the assumption that I had asked anyone to defend me or post this; a claim you put up in another thread. Maybe you talk to me next time, before posting such bullshit. Act like a grown-up!
While it is appreciated you came here abd assembled a team from here, it's all about you and your products? Or am i missing something. You came HERE looking for help and you got it.. Then you use eab to only promote your game. Yes that is great, but you then link to your patreon for something so trivial.. You can't have everything. If you post here, run a development thread for your games, then i am sorry, accept and appropriately deal with criticism without feeling threatened..
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