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Originally Posted by Havie View Post
One thing that I wonder is are you expecting BB to be in a particular path?
Originally Posted by Havie View Post

The Dopus screen shows the file structure of my programming disk (DH1).

Blitz basic is stored in the Blitz2 folder.

Maybe this will help?

Nearly there...
About the path to Blitz Basic 2. You need to set the correct path in the 'blitzbasic2.rexx' script. It seems I have forgotten to add that to the instructions, sorry about that. Change the two paths at lines 21 and 22:

  IF EXISTS('System:Programs/Blitz2/Blitz2') THEN DO
    ADDRESS COMMAND 'Run >NIL: System:Programs/Blitz2/Blitz2'

  IF EXISTS('Blitz2:Blitz2') THEN DO
    ADDRESS COMMAND 'Run >NIL: Blitz2:Blitz2'

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