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As far as I understood of the savegame structure, there is no pure conversion possible between the savegames (pc to Amiga and viceversa, and EoB2 to 3).

Endianess is simple to solve, but the items have their hex code dependent also on some obscure (from the savegame, at least) factor, so that item A has a code in one place and a different code in another.

The only possible thing for a converter is to refer each item to a item.list, and translate it to a different game via a conversion table.

But even that is not error free: a part of the items still get corrupted, but I don't understand whether for different items.dat list or whatever reason: I've tried manually to do that many times, as described here:

Character portraits are a different thing, easier to do, provided unpacker / repacker works: I'm sure there have been tools working for that, but recently, as I told you yesterday, I had no luck.
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