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There is another way to get the joystick kind of working as well; you can also configure key presses to act as joystick actions, for example:

keyboard_key_kp4 = action_joy_1_left
keyboard_key_kp8 = action_joy_1_up
keyboard_key_kp6 = action_joy_1_right
keyboard_key_kp2 = action_joy_1_down
keyboard_key_lctrl = action_joy_1_fire_button
This is kind of less flexible, since this will always map these keys to the primary Amiga joystick no matter what device you chose in the launcher, but it could be easy (and good enough) way to get it going in a hurry.

If the X-Arcade key mapping is not what I think it is, you can replace the keyboard_key_* options with other key names listed here:

Oh, and you can put these options in Settings -> Advanced Settings in FS-UAE Launcher. With these options, you don't need the X-Arcade configuration files.
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