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fs-uae with x arcade tankstick....HELP!!

Hi all,

May have bitten off more than I can chew, but decided to build a retro gaming coffee table for the Wifes Christmas present!!

All has gone well until I loaded FS-UAE into launchbox ( my wife used to own an amiga back in the day).

I am using an x-arcade tankstick as a controller and I just can`t figure out how to get it running with fs-uae.

I have read the docs file on the fs-uae website which talks of putting "the 3 files" into fs-uae/data/devs/keyboards....well I ionly have the data folder - there is no devs or keyboards folders.

I tried adding those folders and dropping the files in, then rescanned in fs-uae , but doesn't seem to have done anything.

I have tried project x …….left joystick works, but no fire button, and SWIV ...can fire, but no joystick.

also tried remapping the fire button in fs-uae, but it didn't work and quite honestly I don't really know what I`m doing.

if anyone can help me out with a dummies guide on how to get it working id be very grateful - only a couple of days left to try and sort it!!

many thanks in advance
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