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Originally Posted by Misclegend View Post
is very well known that roms 3.1 have a bug which prevents PCMCIA working if more than 4mb is installed
I'm surprised that few people know this
It's not a bug, it's designed and intended behaviour. It was a feature added to 3.1 because using the PCMCIA port with an 8MB fast RAM expansion in Zorro-II space would result in crashes. 3.1 will actively disable the PCMCIA slot when 8MB of Zorro-II fast RAM is installed to prevent this from happening.

it seems that when a myth is repeated a thousand times it becomes true
You seem to be a fan of myths... But not sure what you're even talking about here.

Originally Posted by Misclegend View Post
please note also there is a myth that says that OS3.5 and OS3.9 requires roms 3.1 which is not true
Unless modified, it does.

They hacked the workbench.library which crash maliciously when Kick 3.0 is detected
this was a comercial move to sell rom3.1 kits in the era
Regardless of the speculated intention, Workbench 3.9 uses components that were compiled to use a 68020 and Kickstart 3.1. There's nothing malicious about that, nor is it "hacked". OS 3.9 also required extra fast RAM and a CD-ROM drive. All of those requirements were a part of trying to entice Amiga users to upgrade their machines, since Amiga users are generally infamously reluctant to upgrade. This was hoped, in turn, to allow developers to release more advanced games and software by targeting a new minimum standard.

you can install OS3.9 manually copying and replacing all files into respective dirs, then you must copy the workbench.library version 45.132 which comes with unnoficial boing bag 4, that's all, you will have OS3.9 working there
You talk about the official versions of Workbench being hacked as if it's a bad thing, yet talk about this hacked version as a good thing...

Anyway, having to work around not having 3.1 just so you can avoid rebooting with a replacement patched card.resource is moot in that case since you need to reboot to use OS 3.9 anyway. Adding additional modules doesn't add additional reboots, so the 3.1 ROM doesn't have that disadvantage when running 3.9.
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