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The issue with Libre Office's word processor for me isn't a workflow thing as such, it's the less-than-100% compatibility with Word that means it can't replace it, which means you need to have Word anyway, so there's little point in having alternatives. Same goes for their other equivalents (presentations, spreadsheets...), but the equivalent of the draw package is Microsoft Visio, which isn't part of the standard Office setup and so is less common in the workplace, so most people tend to use Word art.

I'll add that SweetHome 3D is a decent, easy-to-use CAD package designed for drawing up room and home floor plans. I've used it several times to model my apartment and see how different furniture layouts might work and how to maximise space without physically dragging furniture around. It has an ok selection of objects, and plenty more available from online libraries that can be used or modified to suit. I've only used it on Linux, but there is a windows version available.
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