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Some usefull background information on the various versions that exist:

Note that AmiSSL v3 is not a replacement for AmiSSL v1/v2 nor is AmiSSL v2 a replacement for AmiSSL v1. These three can coexist if you are using programs written for different AmiSSL versions. For example, AWeb 3.5.07 uses AmiSSL v1, IBrowse 2.3 uses AmiSSL v2 and, at the time of this writing, the latest betas of AWeb and IBrowse use AmiSSL v3.

It is strongly suggested to choose the same directory for all three AmiSSL versions when the Installer scripts ask where to install AmiSSL.
* Source:

The previous versions of libraries in AmiSSL directory should be kept when a
new version of AmiSSL is released since they may still be used. For example,
IBrowse v2.3 uses AmiSSLv2 libraries through amisslmaster.library. These
libraries are named "AmiSSL:Libs/AmiSSL/amissl_v2.library",
"AmiSSL:Libs/AmiSSL/blowfish_v2.library", etc. and are based on OpenSSL
0.9.6g. The first release of AmiSSLv3 is based on OpenSSL 0.9.7g, latest
available at the time. It includes "AmiSSL:Libs/AmiSSL/amissl_v097g.library"
(all other libraries like blowfish, cast etc are now included in it and the
name reflects the OpenSSL version number). Since OpenSSL 0.9.6g and 0.9.7g
have incompatible API's and public structures, when IBrowse v2.3 tries to open
AmiSSL through amisslmaster.library v3, amisslmaster.library will honor its
request and open AmiSSLv2 libraries even though AmiSSLv3 library is available.
The same applies to AmiSSLv4, the successor of AmiSSLv3.

Another example: suppose that a program is compiled for OpenSSL 0.9.7g API.
When it asks amisslmaster.library to open AmiSSL with that API,
amisslmaster.library will open "AmiSSL:Libs/AmiSSL/amissl_097g.library". If a
bugfix version of OpenSSL 0.9.7g called 0.9.7h with compatible API is
released, AmiSSL could be updated to include
"AmiSSL:Libs/AmiSSL/amissl_097h.library". The amisslmaster.library would then
open "amissl_097h.library" on behalf of the program even though it was
compiled for and asked for version 0.9.7g. The program would thus benefit from
the fixed version without having to be recompiled.
* Source: AmiSSL.doc (part of 4.3 release)
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