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When I install AmiSSL from scratch, I do this sequentially. Start with 1, then 2, 3 and finally 4.

Get 1 - 3 from here.

Version 4 archives can be found on Aminet or on GitHub (Jens Maus).

My AmiSSL archives directory currently:

5.Ram Disk:> list Utilities:Comm/TCPIP/AmiSSL/.Archives/
Directory "Utilities:Comm/TCPIP/AmiSSL/.Archives" on Friday 12-Jul-19
AmiSSL-1.1-Full.lha      1059889 ----rwed 08-Jun-80 17:10:12
AmiSSL-2.2-Full.lha      1315774 ----rwed 08-Jun-80 17:10:06
AmiSSL-3.6-68k.lha       1663064 ----rwed 23-Dec-06 13:32:38
AmiSSL-4.1.lha           5801160 ----rwed 05-Nov-80 13:38:34
AmiSSL-4.2.lha           5762316 ----rwed 10-Mar-80 15:29:32
AmiSSL-4.3.lha           6675591 ----rwed 26-Feb-19 10:43:54
6 files - 43521 blocks used
Remember that you (might) need all. Some utilities make use of v1, some v2, etc. The latest YAM nightly build needs v4 for instance so you can also use SSL/TLS when your provider requires this.

When you install 4.3, I don't think you need 4.1 and 4.2, but not entirely sure about that. The libraries are rather big, if space is not an issue though, just install all of them ;-)
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