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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
I have had some success. I deleted all the AmiSSL stuff I could find and then installed AmiSSL 3.6. No change there but Snoopdos mentioned it couldn't find AmiSSL.library. I hunted through the installations for this and found it in AmiSSL 1.1. Once that was put in Libs: I stopped getting the NO AmiSSL or MiamiSSL installed requester. I still didn't get to the site, but this was progress. :-)

Then I installed AmiSSL 4 over the existing stuff and finally installed Amigasystem's archive over that. I can now at least get on to the youtube site, but as yet I can't access Gmail. Is that possible, with IBrowse 2.4?
In my archive there are also all the old libraries that are required, I do not believe you can access Gmail with Amiga OS3 you need a browser that supports JavaScript
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