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Originally Posted by McTrinsic View Post
Ah sorry need to withdraw.
The logic to switch between the Roms will probably interfere with the Rom-switching logic of the Phoenixboard. So on that special case I would want to be ‚without Rom‘ indeed.
Let’s clear some things up...

From what you have now revealed to me I understand you have a concern whereby the New rom switcher would “override” your Phoenix boards ability to switch between ROMs mechanically, this is however not so, the rom switcher behaves the same as a regular kickstart rom and can not override the motherboards mechanical switch between ROMs. It would be shutdown in your circumstance but on a regular a500, a600 or a1200 it cannot be shut down without modifications to the main board naturally.

The logic to switch between the ROMs is only contained on the rom board itself which intelligently identifies when the user is holding reset on his Amiga for a short period of time.

According to page 36-37 in the Phoenix board manual . The Phoenix board switch is mechanical in nature and it should swap between ROMs on your board normally and only when this kickstart rom board is selected can the reset then be used to swap between ROMs and utilise them as expected, this doesn’t interfere with your other kickstart ROMs or how you switch between them mechanically.

Furthermore, the Phoenix manual states swapping ROMs in runtime results in a crash. Conveniently the new rom board requires a held reset to switch ROMs and therefore boots up normally between rom changes without the risk of accidentally swapping in runtime.

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