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Re:any linked articles not current or of personal opinion related to Commodore IP

If not entirely on topic, I apologize in advance, but since Commodore has been brought into these discussions so many times, it may be relevant.

Although I believe that adding any discussion of the C= side of things will merely distract from the current conversation here (and honestly it's a bigger can of worms), I decided to offer what is current.
Hopefully this clarifies anything you might have read in articles making contrary claims.

What happened here is that the court ruled on the particular trademark CBM and most folks didn't follow what occurred after that.
original filing and responses for reference

As I understand it, it is quite rare for someone to file suit against euipo itself for decisions it has made. Nevertheless, the next event in sequence illustrates that when euipo finally publishes who owns a trademark...that might not necessarily be the end of the process.

C = Holdings BV vs European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

Then the following appeared:
...saves commodore registration

Hope this helps.

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