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There are a ton of excellent pre-1986 games that weren't ported just because people weren't into retrogaming at the time (I don't know of any pre-1984 game that was officially ported). So they prefered poor ports of superior arcade games that the Amiga could not cope with (Strider...) than 1:1 ports of older arcade ports (Elevator Action, PacMan, Pengo ...) that the amiga could cope with.

That doesn't mean that there weren't good arcade ports (Marble Madness, Pang for instance), or that Elite Bombjack was botched when it could have been arcade perfect... but still, pity, as a lot of pre 1985 games are classics. Rygar could have been ported, but it would have been lousy, of course, and McGeezer would have had to rewrite it anyway
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