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Originally Posted by rthorntn View Post
Thanks Daedalus & Jope!

Ok after I get it cabled and plugged in properly...

My A2000 should automatically run something from the DoM.
Should I have the CF connected in the beginning?
Yes, if everything is working correctly you will boot into a setup program and will be given an option to install the OS, you need whatever drive you want to use connected so you can install the OS on it.

I only have an early version of the new board and was unable to get any CF cards to work on mine, I only had one very old IDE drive that was recognized and my GVP accelerator card had to be removed to work at all for the install process. Supposedly I can flash an updated firmware for mine but it works fine once setup.

I have on order an updated version for one of my other Amigas that should work properly. Once everything is setup you remove the DOM and can plug something else into that 40 pin connector, I have a CDROM drive on mine.

I like it much better than the SCSI2SD board I was using, much better speeds although I am using a real spinning 80GB hard drive instead of a Micro SD card now.
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