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Originally Posted by rthorntn View Post
I found an IDE cable but I'm worried about connecting it the wrong way
A 40 pin IDE cable doesn't ruin anything if it's connected upside down. In any case, when looking towards the pins with the notch in the connector shroud pointing upwards, pin 1 (with the stripe on the cable) is towards the right.

Use this for reference:

What does that mean, is it just because it has double the pins and so won't fit?
Electrically incompatible, perhaps because of the built in cable select feature, perhaps something else. Just use a 40 conductor cable.

Also with the 4GB CF can that be powered by the IDE bus (same as the DoM)?
This depends on your CF adapter. Use a multimeter to find out which pin the J2 and J3 jumpers are connected to and check out whether the same pin is used by your adapter.

J2 and J3 "bus power" jumpers, is J2 for the first IDE port and J3 for the second?
Judging by the PCB, that's what it seems like.
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